Continuous rotation table with C.P.L. type buffing unit

The most widespread –and most productive– product when it comes to buffing, constantly updated to keep up with the new demands of this field and with the new technologies.
A traditional buffing machine that gets its high productivity from the continuous rotation of the rotary table and its fixtures. Featuring many spindles, this machine is highly productive, especially when working with workpieces that possess regular and even geometric shapes.
The buffing units to be positioned around the rotary table may vary in complexity and capability, according to the production needs: adding simpler or servo-controlled axes that will grant different degrees of movement.
To allow a faster change of production, all the units are pre-set to be equipped with the auto-positioning function. (pop-up auto positioning, as per other section)
To perform special buffing and mirror finishing processes, special manual-adjustable, working position-bound counter locks can be added.
An additional, lightweight buffing unit can be positioned at the center of the Rotary Table.

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