Polishing and buffing automatic machines for metallic surfaces


Designing automatic machines for buffing and satin finishing metals and other surfaces. We have the longest expertise in this process and one of our key knowledge.


The various technological solutions offered by C.O.S.M.A.P. to automate polishing, deburring and satin finishing processes. We use our rotary table machines and robotic cells.


C.O.S.M.A.P.’s most distinctive feature throughout the years, along with great reliability, is the possibility to combine our buffing and polishing processes. It is one of our expert and innovating solutions.

Our goals

C.O.S.M.A.P. is proud when taking care of its clients’ needs by finding a simple solution to situations, making us a reliable and accessible partner. We can provide current clients’ testimonials, constantly acknowledging our efforts and results concerning the process and the great efficiency of our products.

For over 35 years, C.O.S.M.A.P. has been able to achieve the highest level in processing systems to worldwide renowned companies and brands, which have and carry on choosing our products, services and our experience.