Mobile/static flatbed with polishing unit (BM)

The mobile bench or static bench solutions can be associated with any buffing unit, from the basic ones needed to operate on a linear surface to the most complex CNC ones.
The necessity to find a way to perform the loading/unloading task within hidden times, meaning during the simultaneous processing of the same number of pieces, is very important for these units, too.
The static bench is to intend with the possibility to get a gripper to remain steady and static while the piece moves to a different working station or the opposite. The buffing unit may either be equipped with a simple axis that pneumatically checks the working pressure, therefore setting the adequate contact wheel position according to the position of the currently processed piece (thanks to controlled servo-axes) or with up to nine axes that can be interpolated between themselves and the gripper’s axes.
An automatic tool rack may be attached to multi-axis units, allowing the usage of a single unit capable of switching between up to ten tools, allowing going through an entire process without the need to shift between different units or increasing their number.


  • Easiness of use.
  • Hidden loading/unloading times.
  • Possibility to have a single, multi-axis buffing unit with attached tool rack to complete an entire process.
  • Fast and easy production change thanks to the auto-positioning.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Possibility to brush multiple flat surfaces on a single piece, maintaining a high-quality standard;
  • CNC buffing unit flexibility.
  • Quick and certified machine set-up, thus immediate production change.
  • Programming easiness with self-learning system, with no need to learn any machine-programming language.

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