Robotic Cell (IR)

Robotized cells distinguish themselves thanks to their versatility in facing the polishing process.
Thanks to special polishing units it is possible to shift the tool needed in the process from, for example, simple polishing disks to flap wheels, rather than a scotch-brite buff.
Furthermore, each unit is equipped with a controlled axis that allows rotating the entire polishing unit on a 0 to 180 degrees angle. This eases and speeds up the polishing process, helping the robot as it needs to reach uneven surfaces or when its arm stands in the way.
Each unit is also mounted on a linear, controlled-axis ball screw to manage the operating pressure and to compensate the flap wheels consumption, and/or to reposition the units if required. This way, the robot settings don’t need any further modifications, as the robot itself is capable of moving back and forth easing and speeding up the product processing, hence improving the entire installation’s productivity and versatility.
Each robotic cells can be designed and developed with a loading/unloading automatic system according to the nature of the specific product to process: double pallet, belt carrier system, vertical/drum loader system, just to mention some.

Our robotic cells may be single, double, or triple according to the client’s processing needs.


  • High production rates thanks to the combination of multiple robot units on the same working cell.
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to polishing units that may be equipped with polishing belts, flap wheels, or scotch-brite buffs.
  • Great flexibility and movement speed thanks to its two axes each polishing unit.
  • Multiple loading/unloading system options.
  • Programming easiness with self-learning system.

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