Robotic Cell and Rotary Table

A continuously spreading solution reassuming the concept of Lean Manufacturing and processing efficiency, plus the robot-equipped with a polishing cell and the rotary table for buffing.
Two dramatically different concepts bound by one characteristic: the cycle time management. This solution is based on the idea of hiding any processing step within the same cycle time.
The aim is to synchronize the fast polishing process with the slower buffing process. Each turn will deliver a polished, buffed, and therefore finished piece.

The automated cell’s polishing flexibility and the rotary table’s buffing efficiency make the processing cell the best, synergic solution to optimize the production process. Each cell can be designed with an automatic loading/unloading system accordingly to the product nature:
Double pallet system, belt, vertical/drum loader, just to mention some. The automated cells can be single, double, or triple according to the client’s productive necessities.


  • High productivity rate thanks to the multiple robot/rotary table combination on the same processing cell.
  • High process flexibility thanks to polishing units equipped with abrasive belts, flap wheels, or scotch-brite buffs and to the rotary table’s CNC buffing units.
  • Total autonomy for a long operational period.
  • Multiple loading/unloading systems.
  • Programming easiness with self-learning system.

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